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Vin DiCarlo is a dating advisor and coach from Connecticut who appeared in 2006. His advice is based on “Structured Natural Game”, one of his principles is:

Don’t try so hard to “pick-up”. Approach everything the natural way. Don’t lie, cheat, or manipulate.

From a late start compared to some of the early dating coaching companies DiCarlo has worked hard and developed a large number of dating advice products and developed a strong brand name/ reputation in the pick up artist community.

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What women want and what they are thinking is a mystery for most men. Just when you think that you have decoded a woman she does or says something that completely takes you by surprise. So, if you claim to know a woman inside out, think again, you might be bluffing yourself!

Women are complex beings, different from men and that is perhaps why we men are intrigued by them.

In order to be successful with picking up the woman you desire you need to know a lot of things that you are unaware of now. You need to know what’s exactly on her mind. Seduction is a subtle art and it is more about playing on the woman’s psyche and tricking her into believing that she can’t do without you.

This is where Vin DiCarlo’s Pandora’s box fits in. It teaches you the art of seducing a woman without her finding out about your intentions. Vin DiCarlo, an expert with women, is a pick artist who specializes in women’s psychology. Vin DiCarlo’s Pandora’s Box is a complete guide that teaches you the art of attracting the woman you desire and also getting her to do as you please.

In his early days DiCarlo used to be a shy and reticent guy who, like any other guy, was hesitant to approach a beautiful woman leave alone charm her. But things are very different now. The man, despite not being blessed with traditional good looks, manages to have his way with any woman he wants to attract. He claims to have deciphered the female psyche and that by following his techniques a man should easily be able to get any woman he desires in no time.

DiCarlo’s creation, the Pandora’s Box, is a man’s guide to a woman’s mind. It works for men of all ages. However, the first step according to DiCarlo is to build self-confidence in oneself as this is one trait you cannot do without when you want to attract women. DiCarlo includes some amazing techniques to help boost your confidence level which are sure to give you a head start in learning the skills needed to pick up a woman.

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The most common mistake that men make is to lump all women in one category. DiCarlo identifies that women can be classified into one of the eight personality types. If you understand each of the personality types and know what their turn-on and turn-offs are, you will be able to seal the deal each time! By just asking 3 questions to a woman you will be able to interpret her personality type. The eight personality types are the Cinderella, the Connoisseur, the Playette, the Hopeful Romantic, the Modern Woman, the Seductress, the Private Dancer and the Social Butterfly. You will realize that each of these eight types of women want different things and react to situations differently.

8 Personality Types of Women

8 Personality Types of Women

You will have come across several advices or training programs on pick up artistry. But the problem with most of these products is that they offer a single plan of action which is supposed to work on every woman. This is where they fall short because each woman is unique and what works for one, might turn-off another completely. The reason why DiCarlo’s Pandora’s Box works is because DiCarlo gives us an insight into each type of women and the right bait for each one.

What’s included in the box?

10 videos, the first few revealing the fundamentals of reading a woman’s mind and the rest dealing with details of identifying the personality type of each woman in minutes and coax her into a first date.

10 PDF guides, which will reveal how each of the 8 types of women are wired and will also, explain how each of these types can be tamed. This is something you will find really useful if you want to know women closely.

Video interviews of each type, which makes it all the more easy for you to classify a woman anytime, anywhere. Besides, getting to know from the chicks themselves how they would prefer to be picked is certainly not something you want to miss.

A Profiler Quiz, which consists of a set of 3 questions that will allow you to nail the personality type of a woman in a couple of seconds.

Strategy guide, which offers the complete strategy you should adopt based on the type identified.

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Vin DiCarlo’s Pandora’s Box has a lot of benefits to offer. Getting to know about the various personality types will not only help you in your efforts of seducing her but will also help you discover who your ideal woman is. Once you know the kind of woman you want to be with, you will not waste time with the types that do not suit you. The information provided in Pandora’s Box is presented in a lucid manner which is easy to understand and follow. If you manage to build your confidence and self-esteem you will certainly taste sweet success by following DiCarlo’s techniques.

As DiCarlo’s Pandora’s Box includes a lot of materials for you to go through, you might take a couple of days to complete the whole thing. So gear up for some serious study guys! Also identifying the personality type of a woman might seem a little tough at first. But practice, they say, makes a man perfect. So, allow yourself some time and you will get a hang of it soon enough.

My Experience

After watching the fascinating video of Pandora’s Box I wanted to know whether it really worked or was it just a great marketing gimmick.

The very thought of being able to get any woman addicted to me intrigued me so much that I couldn’t help  but take the plunge. I ordered Vin DiCarlo’s Pandora’s Box. I stayed up that night devouring all the knowledge that I could.

After picking up all the tips and techniques I tried them at the bar I frequent. And boy do the tricks work!

A really beautiful and sweet girl caught my attention in the bar. I approached her and using my newly acquired ‘mind reading powers’ I figured out that she was a ‘Cinderella’ type. After talking to her for a couple of minutes I was sure that she was a ‘Cinderella’. Thereafter, I followed the strategy as given in the manual and said the kind of things she wanted to hear and touched her the way she wanted to be touched. To put it simply I had an awesome night.

And mind you this is not one lone incident. After that night, my confidence level increased and I did a better job each night I tried to hook up with a chick.

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* Bonus worth $197.00 at the time of writing – 27th August 2011.

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